The constitution of the urethra and the pelvic floor response varies from patient to patient.

Artificial Urinary Sphincters (AUS) have been established as the Gold Standard in the surgical treatment of male stress urinary incontinence.

VICTO Adjustable Artificial Sphincter is a preconnected AUS that has been developed to maintain continence and enables pressure adjustments with a minimally invasive ambulant procedure. We understand that each patient deserves the most individual treatment possible, as a result, VICTO is available in different cuff sizes and can be set to the lowest base pressure in order to achieve continence.

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  • The VICTO implant is a three-piece AUS and it consists of a control pump, a pressure regulating balloon (PRB) and a urethral cuff. The device keeps the urethra closed by means of the urethral cuff which prevents the passage of urine. The pressure in the cuff is regulated by the PRB. When the patient wishes to void, the cuff can be deflated by manual operation of the control pump which is placed in the scrotum. The fluid in the cuff is transferred to the PRB, allowing the urine pass through the urethra.